A Fun Filled Day in Orlando !

If your anything like me, your always looking for new, fun family friendly adventures !! I really LOVE finding one of a kind Memorable activities to do with with my family on summer vacation. This post will give you a few unique, super fun Memorable experiences that are family friendly around Orlando, Fl.

1. Hire transportation! Bay Hill Party Bus can meet the needs for any family fun filled day, and what better way to make memories than to hire transportation so everyone can be worry free and focus on making memories!

2. Think unique experiences! Like The Crayola Experience (Dad gets in FREE ON FATHERS DAY), The Coca Cola Eye or Zip Lining !

3. Get Groceries delivered! While staying in a hotel or a vacation rental in most parts of Orlando groceries delivery service is available.

4. Have FUN ! Do ever wonder why some of our best memories are made on vacation? I believe when we let our shoulders down and have fun we have a better time, therefore curating a long lasting good memory ! My #1 TIP for family in in Orlando HIRE TRANSPORTATION! You will be so glad you did! Bay Hill Party Bus

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Father’s Day Delivered 4 easy ways to celebrate!

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content and opinions expressed here are my own.

Lets hear it for Dad! Let’s be honest our perfect day is a day spent at home without a “To Do” list or alarm clock ringing, at least in our house it is.

My idea for this Father’s Day is to simply find ways to help him enjoy the day with out anything expected or planned, after all we do LOVE our time at home just playing in the living room tents and staying up past our bedtime.

I am huge on saving where and when I can so for me saving time and money feels like I have won the jackpot! I use subscribe and save on Amazon to save time and money and with two young kids you can imagine is a WIN!

Huggies Has been my go to diaper since I had Matthew, we love the quality and dry they stay even after a bit of time.

I am going all out this Fathers Day and by all out I mean we’re staying in!

1. Have groceries delivered to cook Dad up his favorite breakfast!

2. Have a couple of the kids drawings printed, framed and delivered as a special gift.

3. Have diapers delivered, no one wants to do a diaper run in the middle of our epic Father’s Day at home. Give Dad a break from diaper duty, “Honey, can you?” Will be more “Honey, I’ve got it ! ”

4. Order in a late night movie rental, after the kids go to bed I will show my husband how much he’s appreciated by letting him pick out the movie 🍿

Thank you for taking a little insight into our Father’s Day plans this year ! There is still time to order some extra Huggies and taking on an extra diaper change for Dad!

Birth, Breastfeeding & Baby Gut Health

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Along with celebrating Mother’s Day this weekend I thought it would be a perfect Opportunity to share more about something often overlooked and not spoken enough about Babies Gut Health !

1) Birth- birth is beautiful, giving birth to my first baby I went in not know much about anything. Sure I read the standard books and had general knowledge but overall I feel I wasn’t informed enough ( you’ll never feel fully prepared in my opinion) but helping moms feel a bit more prepared would certainly ease some of the nerves.

2) Breastfeeding- Breastfeeding is not easy by any means and it is a different journey for every mother and every baby! My first basically refused Breastfeeding he only got very little from it and went to a bottle within his first three months and I wish I had felt (this was ok) but I thought I did something wrong, I didn’t ! He preferred the bottle and that was ok. My second son was the complete opposite, he latched almost instantaneously and has done spectacular with breastfeeding it has come very natural this time and that’s ok as well!

3) Baby Gut Health- when you give birth you feel like baby is born with everything he or she needs (at least that’s what I felt) in doing research and coming across Evivo I have learned that we are born with a sterile Gut and only 1/10 babies are born with the super important B bacteria a good bacteria that helps babies immune system! With Evivo you give your Baby this very important good bacteria with a once a day easy to dispense package you keep in your home refrigerator.

This is such a convenient way to give baby and Mom a piece of mind that your doing everything you can to give them the best possible start to a healthy Gut!

I have a great savings for you (see code below)

coupons expire 6/30/18

• $10 off 4-week starter kit discount code: BLOG7061

• $20 off 8 week or greater starter kit code: BLOG7062

Happy Mother’s Day Mamas !!



Family Friendly Easy Spring Cookies

This post is sponsored by Nestlé® Toll House®, but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

What is better than bright fun and delicious cookies to welcome spring ? As the temperature rises it’s always fun to bake up some delicious Nestlé® Toll House® cookies and deliver them to teachers, co workers and neighbors.

We love quick easy recipes at our house something that will keep the kids attention and that they can help with.

We start with Nestlé® Toll House® ultimate chocolate chip lovers cookie dough as a quick recipe hack, its ready to go and so easy to pick up at your local Walmart!

Easy spring cookies:

Nestlé® Toll House®

-Spring theme cookie cutters we choose a bunny and tulip

-Roll out cookie dough

-Cut out cookies

-Bake and let cool

-Decorate with sprinkles or frosting

Enjoy! Be sure to share these delicious easy spring themed cookies with everyone who would love a sweet treat!

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❌⭕️ Amy

#SpringJustGotSweeter @NestleTollHouse

Kitchen Update Our MR DIRECT Farmhouse Sink.

This is a Sponsored Post with MR DIRECT all opinions are my own.

It’s time to for a kitchen update !! Thank you all SO much for your sweet comments on Instagram, I would love to share some details of our new Farmhouse Sink in our remodel.

As you can see we are not 100% finished, as with every good remodel there are a few things that got delayed like our special order 18″ dishwasher that was back ordered 6 weeks ! Yikes ! Overall we are nothing short of ecstatic about our new Farmhouse Style kitchen!

All about our beautiful new kitchen sink

This is the MR DIRCT 407L Farmhouse Sink made from 16-gauge stainless steel, this sink is truly amazing when you think about how far kitchen sinks have actually come, this sink is fully-insulated to reduce noise, this is perfect for me as I am usually doing dishes after the boys are In bed.

We also got grids for both basins that I would truly recommend adding on as it not only improves the over all look but keeps your sink from filling up with that not so nice dish water.

This sink looks so nicely to a standard 36″ sink base cabinet with minimal alterations.

If you are having a hard time deciding on a farmhouse sink, go with MR DIRCT! Our farmhouse sink came packaged so professionally!!

A Happy Baby Makes a Happy Mama with Happy Family Yogurt

I can hear the words of my mom (and she still makes sure I’ve remembered to eat breakfast) ” A hearty breakfast makes for a Happy day!”

The same applies for our babies, Happy Baby Family is has launched their Happy Baby Whole Milk Yogurt Cups at Walmart and Jacob now has a way to start his day with nutrition packed yummy yogurt.

Of course I had to get all three flavors it also comes in plain (great for adding granola) these are Mindfully Made with Probiotics.

He loves to be sat down in the morning while everyone else is running around trying to get going and have some one on one time with either Bobby or myself.

He tried the Happy Baby Blueberry Yogurt first and couldn’t get enough! Look at that face 😊 it makes me so happy I can offer him something that is SO good for him they are made with Whole Milk Yogurt with Vitamin D

Have No added sweeteners are Non-GMO and USDA Organic!!! ( mess in the background curiosity of Matthew)

<<<<<<< a href=”https://ooh.li/c726f72″>Happy Baby Whole Milk Cups let us know what you think in the comments when you try them!!



Gender Reveal Party Success!

If you guys follow along on Instagram you seen the big news !!! ITS A GIRL 💕 not for my husband and I but for my sister, I am going to have a niece finally and I could not be happier.

two boys who bring me so much joy so when I found out it was a girl for the family, I knew I had to go BIG * I was happy when I found these AMAZING confetti cannons Gender Revel Canons ! They are from an awesome company called SUPERIOR CELEBRATION 🎉

We also did a pink cake 🎂 that was so delicious! The beautiful hand made cake topper is from CutItCraftsCo on Etsy !! Yesenia the shop owner and creative mind behind all the designs is such a pleasure to work with, and is so accommodating.

We had a 8″ cake and it fit perfectly 💕

Thank you all for your love and support for my sisters new addition !